Life Update

I know, I know, it’s been a hot minute since I last posted a review, but I have a good reason! That reason being that… I got married! If you’ve planned a wedding before, you’ll understand just how much planning goes into a wedding, if you haven’t… it’s a lot!

But I have still been reading! June was a bit of a rough month for me, but thanks to Audible I still managed to somehow read 9 books in July while putting the final touches on all my wedding plans. I got married on August 10th, so August has been a bit of a dud, but it felt great to return home and finally pick up a new book with no other obligations to bog me down.

Our wedding was seriously the best day of our lives though and as much as I hated planning it (can’t lie, it was not fun), it was totally all worth it! I do want to give a plug here for one wedding book that helped us out in case any of you fellow readers have a wedding on the horizon. My friend got married a year ahead of me and raved about A Practical Wedding, by Meg Keene, and loaned us her copy.

I read the first half of the book early in my engagement when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions and the budget (weddings are crazy expensive) and it helped me re-focus on what’s really important when you’re planning a wedding and how to balance so many different expectations about what your wedding will be from all the people who feel invested in it (i.e., parents).

I didn’t fully read the second half of the book, but we did revisit it as a reference throughout the rest of the wedding planning and again when we were writing our vows. So I never read it cover to cover, but overall I did read most of the book and found it to be a great reference throughout the planning process. I decided to give it 4 stars and would absolutely recommend if you’re planning your wedding. It really gets to the root of what matters!

Anyways, like I said, I have been reading, even though I haven’t been posting. I do have a backlog of about 5 books that I would like to write reviews for, so look for those coming soon! Hopefully I can still remember the books well enough to write meaningful reviews!

I’ll leave you with this photo of me and my husband right after we were pronounced married!

Much love,

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